Why use ANSS?

Conventional road construction typically requires considerable labour at high cost and huge disruption to traffic. It is also a costly and environmentally unfriendly process as in-situ materials are often removed and discarded resulting in high transportation costs and the need for expensive heavy machinery.

The ANSS process is environmentally friendly as makes use of in-situ material and thus does not require expensive excavation and transportation costs. Excellent results can be achieved on virtually any soil type with projects completed cost-effectively and within a shorter lead time.

Achieve quick results – ANSS greatly reduces road construction time allowing faster results in a shorter space of time.

Cost effective – the use of in-situ material reduces transport and earthmoving costs by up to 70%. No ongoing maintenance required.

Environmentally friendly – ANSS reduces the impact on the local environment as it eliminates the need for open pits and expensive excavation and transportation costs.