Fulfilling the need for quick, cost-effective road construction

Africa is currently undergoing a massive upgrading of infrastructure facilities with a huge demand for quick, cost effective methods of road construction. GCS specialises in an innovative, environmentally-friendly method of road building that is ideally suited to rural and inaccessible areas.

Utilising ANSS, a natural soil stabiliser, we can achieve excellent results in a much quicker timeframe than conventional road construction. ANSS is a versatile and proven product that works on virtually any soil type: clay, silt, sand and gravel based soils can all be stabilised with ANSS. At GCS, we have built an impressive library of soil results varying from stabilised applications in organic beach sand to black cotton clay. Of particular interest is the application of ANSS in cotton clay which is an industry first developed by GCS and is ideally suited to local soil conditions.

Typical applications

  • Cost effective solution for Rural Transport Infrastructure (RTI)
  • Upgrading/recycling of secondary roads
  • Upgrading natural soils to sub-base layers
  • Temporary construction & access roads
  • Game reserves & tourist attractions
  • Cycling and walking trails
  • Brick-making for low cost housing
  • Parking and hard-standing areas
  • Air strips